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Low Frequency Power Inverter Input Power Jun 21, 2017

Low Frequency Power Inverter Input power

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1. What models are currently available for power inverters?

Currently in the market sales of power inverter 140W, 450W, 800W, 1200W, 2000W, 3000W, 225W portable, 400W portable.

2. How to choose the right model?

Selection of power inverter can be based on your life and work to use. Such as: 140W power inverter can use a 29-inch color TV and a VCD machine.

450W power inverter can use the general power tools.

800W power inverter can be used to drive a small microwave oven.

3. Does the power inverter use the input power source only from the vehicle's static or operating state?

The use of input power can be derived from the car running state, it can be static.

4. If the car in the quiescent state, can use the power inverter to work? Where is the input power supply available?

In the quiescent state, you can use the power inverter to work, driven by electrical appliances below 150W can be directly from the cigarette lighter socket to obtain the output power, higher than 150W when using a special clip line to connect the car battery to obtain power.

5. How to determine the power inverter to obtain the power of the available time?

With the power inverter supporting the battery, usually in amps (AH) for the power measurement units, such as 80AH battery divided by the electrical power multiplied by 10, that is, power inverter with the battery can be used for the time.

For example, the TV is 100 watts

80 an hour ÷ 100 watts x 10 = 8 hours

6. What is the surface temperature of the power inverter operating? Is there a certain security risk?

Power inverter in the maximum power output, not higher than 70 ℃, there will be no security risks.

7. What are the protection devices for the power inverter?

1) temperature protection. The surface temperature is higher than 70 ℃, automatic shutdown.

2) high voltage protection. The input voltage is 16V ± 0.5V

3) low voltage alarm. The input voltage is 10.5V ± 0.5V

4) Low voltage protection. The input voltage is 10V ± 0.5V