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MPPT Solar Charge Controller Control System Sep 19, 2017

MPPT Solar Charge Controller Control System

The Importance of Solar Controller in Solar Street Light System

Solar controller is called solar charge and discharge controller, is used in solar power system, the control of multi-channel solar cell battery charging and battery to the solar inverter load power supply automatic control equipment. Solar controller uses high-speed CPU microprocessor and high-precision A / D analog-to-digital converter, is a computer data acquisition and monitoring and control system. It can collect the working data of PV station in real time, obtain the working information of PV station at any time, and accumulate the historical data of PV station in detail, and provide accurate and reliable evaluation of the reliability of PV system design and the reliability of inspection system component quality. Full basis. In addition, the solar controller also has a serial communication data transmission function, can be a number of photovoltaic systems sub-station for centralized management and remote control.

Some customers often find that solar lights in the bright after a period of time, especially after a continuous rainy days, the street will be a few days or even many days do not light, the detection of battery voltage is normal, the controller, the lights are not fault. This problem has been a lot of engineers doubts, in fact, this is the "exit undervoltage protection" voltage value of the problem, the higher the value set, after the recovery time in less pressure, it will cause a lot of days can not be bright light.

On this issue, the Industrial Controller allows each customer to set the voltage to exit the protection according to the configuration. But it is worth noting that the configuration of the battery panel must be reasonable, if the battery charge per day can not meet the night's discharge, the long run, the battery is often in the depth of discharge, life is greatly reduced, so the battery must be installed to enlarge the margin , The greater the configuration of the battery, exit the protection of the voltage can be set lower, this will not cause the impact of the battery.

Ordinary controller can only be set to turn on the lights after 4 hours or 8 hours and several hours off, has been unable to meet the needs of many customers. Industrial controller can be divided into three periods, each time period can be set arbitrarily, according to the use of different environments, each time period can be set to a closed state. For example, some factories or scenic no one at night, you can put the second time (late) closed, or the second and third period are closed, reduce the use of cost.

Line loss compensation function The current conventional controller is difficult to do, because the need for software settings, according to the different diameter and length to give automatic compensation. Line loss compensation in the low-voltage system is very important, because the voltage is low, the line loss is relatively large, if there is no corresponding line loss voltage compensation, the output voltage may be lower than the input many, this will cause the battery ahead Undervoltage protection, the actual application rate of battery capacity was discounted. It is worth noting that we use low-voltage system, in order to reduce the line voltage drop, try not to use too thin cable, cable should not be too long.