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MPPT Solar Charge With Anti-recharge Function Aug 14, 2017

MPPT solar charge With anti-recharge function

One: MPPT solar charge role

       The most basic role of solar intelligent manipulator is to maintain the battery from overcharge or over discharge. Overcharge may cause the battery in the electrolyte vaporization, resulting in problems, and the battery over discharge will cause the battery premature failure.

Two: MPPT solar charging basic functions:

1, overcharge maintenance: the charge voltage is higher than the maintenance voltage, the active off the battery charge, then when the voltage dropped to the holding voltage, the battery into the floating charge situation, when the recovery voltage is lower than the recovery, The

2, over discharge maintenance: When the battery voltage is lower than the maintenance voltage, the controller active closed output to maintain the battery from damage; when the battery recharged, but also active recovery power supply.

3, the load over-current and short-circuit maintenance: load current exceeds 10A or load short circuit, the fuse fuse, replace the sustainable use.

4, over-voltage maintenance: When the voltage is too high, the initiative to close the output, maintenance of electrical appliances from damage.

5, with anti-charging function: the use of Schottky diodes to prevent the battery to the solar battery charging.

6, with anti-lightning function: When the lightning strike time, the varistor can prevent lightning, maintenance control device from damage.

The solar panel can not charge the battery

1. Verify that the solar panels are connected correctly and that the positive and negative terminals are not reversed.

2. Whether the solar panels are blocked.

3. Is the solar panel specifications correct? Whether the open circuit voltage meets the requirements of the controller

4. Does the power of the solar panel exceed the controller's rating system? Power is too large, may lead to MPPT solar charge burned

5. The battery is full, the battery is full of controller into the floating stage, the charging current will become very small.

Battery power is not enough, and soon no electricity

1. Battery capacity design is reasonable, too small to the capacity, the use of natural time is short

2. Battery aging, the battery life is generally 2-3 years, the battery capacity attenuation is very large, need to regularly replace the battery.

3. Does the battery have a short circuit during the installation process? Short-circuit damaged battery capacity is much reduced.

4. The load power exceeds the design power.