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Off Grid Solar Hybrid Inverter Run Independently Oct 20, 2017

off grid solar hybrid inverter Run independently

At present, the solar photovoltaic power generation system has two main ways: off-grid and grid. When users choose to install home solar photovoltaic power generation system, we must first confirm that the use of off-grid power generation or grid-connected power generation. So what is the difference between off-grid and grid-connected solar PV systems? The following is a brief description:

First, off-grid solar power generation system

Also known as independent photovoltaic power generation system is independent of the grid and independent operation of the system, mainly solar panels, energy storage batteries, charge and discharge controllers, inverters and other components. Solar panels issued by the direct flow of electricity into the battery and stored up, you need to supply electrical appliances, the battery in the DC current through the inverter and converted into 220V AC, which is a repeated cycle of charge and discharge process. This kind of power generation system is widely used because it is not restricted by geographical area. It can be used as long as there is sunlight, so it is very suitable for remote power grid area, island, fishing boat, outdoor breeding base and so on. Area of emergency power generation equipment. This system must be equipped with a battery, and occupy the power generation system 30-50% of the cost. And the battery life is generally 3-5 years, and later have to replace, which is to increase the use of cost. And the economy, it is difficult to get a wide range of promotion and use, it is not suitable for use in convenient places. But for the non-grid area or frequent power outage families, but also has a strong practicality. Especially in order to solve the power problem when the power failure, you can use DC energy-saving lamps, very practical. Therefore, off-grid power generation systems are specifically designed for use in areas without grid or frequent power outages.

Second, grid-connected solar power generation system

And is connected to the public grid, that is, solar power, home power grid, public power grid linked together, it is necessary to rely on the existing power grid to run the power generation system. Mainly composed of solar panels and inverters, solar panels issued directly through the inverter into 220V AC and power supply to household appliances, when the solar power generation more than the power consumption of household appliances, the excess electricity to the public Power grid; and when the solar power generation capacity can not meet the use of household appliances, it is automatically added from the grid. And the whole process is intelligent control, do not need to open or close.

This system can be exempted from the use of battery batteries, significant savings in the cost of the system, in particular, this year, three promulgated national grid on solar energy and other new energy and the New Deal has made it clear that the free network, the excess electricity can also be sold to the power company The From the long-term perspective of investment, you can recover the cost and in a few years after the possibility of profitability. Therefore, if you want to save electricity costs and ease of power supply, then select the grid-connected solar power system, which is the current or future mainstream way.