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Off Grid Solar System Green Clean Oct 31, 2017

Off Grid Solar System Green clean

Distributed photovoltaic power generation system, the level of power generation directly determines the power of the power station, so to improve the system power generation appears to be urgent.

Theoretical PV system annual power generation = annual average solar radiation × total battery area × photoelectric conversion efficiency

While the actual PV system power generation = theoretical annual power generation × actual power generation efficiency

The actual power generation efficiency, and many factors, are divided into controllable factors and uncontrollable factors.

How to Increase the Power Generation of Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation System

PV green clean and pollution free

Controllable factors

1, solar PV module conversion efficiency

Conversion efficiency is a key factor affecting the power generation capacity of PV modules. On the photovoltaic module conversion efficiency standards, the National Energy Board document "on the role of the market to promote the role of photovoltaic technology to promote progress and industrial upgrading of the letter" clearly stipulates: since 2015, as long as the enjoyment of state subsidies for photovoltaic projects, Of the PV modules and grid-connected inverter products to meet the "photovoltaic manufacturing industry standard conditions" in the indicators. One of the most widely used two, polysilicon battery module conversion efficiency ≥ 15.5%, monocrystalline silicon cell module conversion efficiency ≥ 16%. And now the first-line PV modules, we used the components of polysilicon components in 16.8%, monocrystalline silicon components in 17.94% or so.

How to Increase the Power Generation of Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Color steel tile roof photovoltaic

 2, the installation of photovoltaic components tilt angle

The sun rises and falls, depending on the latitude, the angle of the scattered sun is also different, the ground's best tilt angle and the local latitude. So the design of photovoltaic power plant after the need for professional construction personnel to calculate the installation.

3, the PV system loss

The loss of this system is inevitable, but it can be controlled, the China Engineering Construction Standardization Association requirements of the PV module system loss <10%.

5, the efficiency of the inverter

As mentioned in the previous article because the inverter itself is running the need for electricity, so the inverter itself will consume electricity, it is impossible to 100% of the DC conversion exchange. In the GB / T20321 standard provides: in the rated output state, the output capacity of not more than 2kw inverter, the efficiency should be greater than or equal to 80%; greater than 2kw inverter, the efficiency should be greater than or equal to 85%. We use the inverter conversion rate of the highest efficiency of up to 97.8%.